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We understand it’s important to connect with your new family member and it’s not always quick or easy. Because of our confidence and care in raising these puppies, we strongly believe you’ll fall in love with these beautiful pups and how their love is shown back to you. So we are offering…

Refundable deposits

After you visit with your puppy, if you are not happy, we will offer you a full refund of your deposit.

Steps to adopt

1) Contact

Reach out to us through our contact page.

2) Application

Fill out an adoption application.

3) Approval

When approved, secure with your deposit.

4) Schedule

Let's set a puppy pick date!

5) Ready

Puppies are ready to go home with you, wherever you are.


1. Standard Goldendoodle

(Family dog with a good foundation of basic obedience/socialization) – Ready Now

2. Further training and practice.

This will include leash walking and real-world socialization, plus reinforcement of basic obedience.

3. Full Obedience Training

The stepping stone to prepare for therapy dog training.

4. Therapy Dog trained and certified

(Over a year old)

For more details read our Training Bracket Breakdown below.

We require a refundable deposit in order to reserve your puppy. Puppies are picked in order of deposits received. We do not require our buyers to select their puppy until they are 16 weeks old. This gives the puppies time to develop physically and emotionally.

If interested, we will be communicating via email, where you will answer a few questions in our adoption application. Once you get a confirmation email that you are approved we will provide you with a link to place your $800 deposit.

At this point, we will schedule a ‘puppy pick’ play date. (You can pick in person or over video chat, via messenger)

All families will have to pick up their puppies before the new training age bracket begins.

The remaining balance will be due before the time of pick up when your doodle is ready to go home with you.

We do offer payment plans, for details check our FAQ here.

Training Bracket Breakdown

Phase One

Birth to 16 weeks
Basic Obedience Foundation training
-sit for food
-sit for release
-understanding “down”
-“come”, when called: verbal “Let’s go puppies let’s go” and whistle.
-understanding “leave it”
-Hand feed one meal a day to promote a delicate way to receive food properly.
Exposure to grooming techniques: which include showers, blow dryer, scissors, ear cleaning.
Exposure to loud noises: cars, motorcycles, mowers, music, etc.
Exposure to car rides and vet visits.
They are trained to potty outside.
We discouraged them from chewing on household items by only giving them natural things to play with, such as sticks and bones.

By 16wks they have 3 set of puppy booster vaccines, last set pending till 20wks of age.

*Reminder this is a good foundation for an amazing family dog, but they are still puppies and will need further practice and training.

Phase two

This is the tricky phase*. Which is further training and practice.
We will reinforce Phase One training plus:
-leash walking properly
-master down verbal and hand signal
-understanding stay
-start Phase One training in new environments and with real world distractions
-socialization with strangers

*This phase has a flex price bracket because there will be a stronger training of the fundamentals, but it’s all about progression. Depending on the dog and the advancement they make, price will be adjusted.

Phase three

Extensive training.
Exposure to real world scenarios.
Perfecting previous training.
Dogs will be Microchipped.

Phase four

Therapy Certified Dog training.
Dogs need to be at least a year old, to start therapy training. Which means over a year of additional care, feedings, grooming, medical expenses, and trainer’s fees.
Dogs will also be microchipped and spayed or neutered.