What's included with my puppy?
  • A very well-mannered puppy.
  • Collar
  • Dewormed
  • Vet clearance and health records
  • Fully vaccinated to the appropriate age.
  • One-year health guarantee
  • Early puppy training
  • Early environmental stimulation
  • Bag of current puppy food
Can I change my puppy's name?

Yes. Their names are for easy identification. But they respond mostly to “puppy”. I wanted to give owners room to name their dog. It’s easier on the dog to change a name to something that sounds similar. Example Toby to Cody.

Will they obey new owners immediately?

It’s similar to meeting someone new and building a friendship with them. My puppies are trained but trust will have to be earned to achieve a loving relationship.

What support do you offer?

I am all about the well-being of these beautiful creatures. So I am available to help in any way I can. We will accept the return of the puppy without refund and no questions asked at any age of the puppy’s life either related to or unrelated to health issues.

How often does my Goldendoodle need to be groomed?

This is dependent upon how you want your dog to look and how much grooming you want to do. If you want to keep a nice coat of 1″-2″ then you should expect to brush for 10 min daily and a complete grooming every 5-6 weeks. If you shave the dog all the way down (summer cut) then he/she can go 7-8 weeks before the next full grooming. However, the ears need additional care.
This grooming can become expensive and time-consuming.

What should I bring to pick up my puppy?

Sometimes though the stress of traveling in a car can lead to an accident or motion sickness. We do recommend you come prepared. Some things to bring “just in case” are garbage bags, bath towels, and paper towels/wipes. Most of our pups are able to hold the restroom during the ride home. Also, a bowl to offer puppy water.

What's a therapy dog?

Therapy dogs are certified dogs who go with their owners to volunteer in settings such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

From working with a child who is learning to read to visiting a senior in assisted living, therapy dogs and their owners work together as a team to improve the lives of other people.

Training to qualify as a therapy dog will start in January 2024.

What should I know about 'puppy pick' play date?

To pick your pup in person, wear comfortable clothes in which you don’t mind getting a little messy while you get to play and know these cute and beautiful puppies.

To pick your pup via video chat, please have in mind if you want a male or female and the type of coat. Short, long, dark, light, etc.

When could my puppy come home with me?

All available pups are ready to go home when you are. We’re offering further training if you’re interested in a more obedient and certified dog. This is further discussed on our process page.

How can I get my puppy?

The best and least expensive option is to come pick up your puppy in person, we would love to meet with you and show you around. We can offer a delivery service to the nearest airport for a fee of $550.

Other options are private independent companies who are dedicated to transporting puppies, from our door to yours.

There is a fee of $250, if we have to turn in the puppy to anyone other than the future owner.

What warranty do you offer?

Health Guarantee: One-year guarantee against any hereditary or genetic disorders. If such a condition is validated, adoptive families may return the puppy for a partial refund.

What does a refundable deposit mean?

It means if for whatever reason you decide not to take a dog home, we will give you back your full $800 deposit.

What should I know once I have my puppy?

You want the first few days to be very calm and relaxed with a very consistent schedule. This will help your pup adjust to your home and learn the routine. The potty training will transfer much easier if there isn’t a lot of change in the first couple of weeks.

What are your payment options and plans?

Payment plans are only available for extended training packages.

Payment options: Money Order, PayPal, Cash, or Personal Check.