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For the Love of Pups N.C.

Where we are hand-raising and training a dozen standard Goldendoodles to adopt starting now!

Training Goldendoodles

We are located in the rural parts of Western North Carolina. Our love for pups and their future has led us on this journey of raising obedient, calm, and loving dogs; to secure them with good homes and responsible owners. We have dedicated twice the amount of time (and counting) to ensure that the puppies are emotionally and psychologically ready to be your loving companion.

Let’s meet the family


Eve was born in May 2021. Mom is a F1B Pyredoodle with a soft apricot color coat. She’s about 55-60 lbs at her max. Eevee has such a sweet personality and loves to be caressed. She is extremely smart and has a great instinct to guard our home and livestock.

This is her first litter, and all 12 of her puppies came out beautiful and healthy. Her maternal instincts were right on point, she was able to birth and nurse all her pups on her own with no complications. She has been a wonderful mother.


Cooper was born in January 2016. He is a 100% purebred Golden Retriever and has strong traits of obedience, loyalty, and intelligence. He weighs about 80 lbs and his coat is a beautiful Golden/Copper color. We raised him from a pup to the best family dog you could ever ask for. He too has shown great paternal instincts in the raising of his pups. This too is his first litter. He has been such a gem, we knew his legacy must live on.

These are our personal dogs, who we love and treat as family.


Mom and Dad recently had a litter on January 5th, 2023 and all 12 pups are healthy, unique, and evidently adorable!
The mission is to home raise and certify these puppies, so you can be confident they are trained and easily become part of your life and family.

Steps to adopt

1) Contact

Reach out to us through our contact page.

2) Application

Fill out an adoption application.

3) Approval

When approved, secure with your deposit.

4) Schedule

Let's set a puppy pick date!

5) Ready

Puppies are ready to go home with you, wherever you are.