I believe a well-behaved dog will always have a home.

Our mission

  • I have a goal to home these puppies to responsible loving owners.
  • I have been working with them to create good manners since birth.
  • At this point, with some further training, they can be great family dogs.
  • Obedience training is ongoing until the day they go home with you.
  • We are offering further training to those who are interested.
  • Once dogs are trained, they will be an amazing companion that you can be proud to take anywhere.
  • Training will continue until the puppy is at least a year old, to be certified as a Therapy dog.
  • Please remember these are living creatures who each have their way of learning and set personalities. The time frame can always vary.

About me

Hello! My name is Melissa Cantisani, and I have a dozen well behaved Goldendoodles looking for their forever homes. I have been a lifelong dog lover who was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by furry friends.

I grew up around dogs my whole life. My father always had a dog or two. He always took a natural approach in raising them. His dogs respected him, his house, his food, and his rules.

Thanks to my dad’s natural approach to dog care, I witnessed firsthand how a loving and respectful relationship can form between humans and their dogs.

My passion for dogs eventually led me to get a job at a veterinarian clinic, first as a dog walker, then as a groomer, until I became an assistant. At that point, I was capable of running blood and fecal tests, I learned how to draw blood, give vaccines, and microchip them.

After working in a veterinary clinic for several years, I developed a deep understanding of what our four-legged companions need to live a happy and healthy life.

As I got older, and started a family, I was blessed to have a dog of my own. This is where my training opportunity started. I raised him from a pup to a respectful loving dog. He is obedient and extremely intelligent. He was able to pick up on new tricks very easily. This is when I knew I had a knack for this…

Training has became one of the most fun, pleasurable activities of my days.

Steps to adopt

1) Contact

Reach out to us through our contact page.

2) Application

Fill out an adoption application.

3) Approval

When approved, secure with your deposit.

4) Schedule

Let's set a puppy pick date!

5) Ready

Puppies are ready to go home with you, wherever you are.